Improving your NBA 2K18 MyCareer personality is essential to make your newcomer a valuable asset in your preferred team. Your character's stats could be updated by spending Virtual Currency (VC) on attribute points; however, the free throw feature is an exclusion in NBA 2K18 with Buy NBA 2K MT. If you can not purchase your way to boost your free throw attribute, how do you do it?

Most badges in NBA 2K18 just enhance your stats during specific situations, but for free throws, your attribute is completely determined by badges. This means you are going to have to spend several MyCareer games using a 65 free throw total score before you see improvement. Unlocking the badge will increase your free throw evaluation to 75, and upgrading the badge will boost the score.

To unlock the badge, then you will need to stand up a total of 12,000 adventure points on free throw shooting.

Landing each free throw shot in NBA matches grants you 160 experience points on the Free Throw Ace badge. If that is your go-to work out for grinding on the free throw badge, then keep pushing towards the basket with a dunk or layup in hopes that the defenders attempt to foul you.

This is the quickest way to improve your free throw evaluation if you can consistently get a two or three star score on the practice drill. To activate the free throw drill, then click on the button for "select badge to work on" and select the Free Throw Ace drill.

It is possible to view your free throw stat from going to the options menu in a match. From there, NBA Live Coins pick box score on your own MyCareer character. All your stats are located in the features section.