During a discussion yesterday with a few co-workers (all mechanical/aero/ocean engineers) I was informed that Subaru's computer controlled AWD system was crap as compared to the mechanical torque-sensing system on the more-expensive Audi Quattros.So here's how it was explained to me. The Subaru system (with a 4-spd auto) is primarily front-wheel drive on normal road conditions. Only after it senses a wheel slipping does it transfer power to the wheels that have grip. The problem here, as I'm told, is that by the time the AWD really kicks in, you're already screwed.Now, according to my German-car-loving co-worker, the Audi's mechanical torque sensing system is far superior. It transfers power when it senses a torque difference between the wheels. This is better (supposedly) because power is transferred just before the wheel begins to slip.The entire conversation only came up because I'm about to buy a 2005 Outback to replace my trusty 97 Impreza AWD.Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this topic?

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