I don't know much about Subies but I just jumped into this project. I'm going to build a tube chassis with a Subie engine and auto trans mid mount. Plan is to build it around a Karmenn Ghia body! I know this configuration has been used with 5 spd manual trans with RWD delete by these guys: http://www.bremarauto.com/products/s...onversion-kit/ But the auto trans is not supported by them. So the ? is how will this work (or won't it)? I pulled the back of the trans off this morning and discovered a clutch pack and other gears so I'm thinking I will have to leave this in place. If I make a cap to cover the output shaft that engages the lip seal and run like this will it power the front (now rear) wheels or will it think the rear (now non existent) rear wheels are slipping and send all power to them? That's no good!
I'll have lots more ? but if anyone has info or ideas about this please let me know. Thanx in advance, Alan.