Spain "World Sports Daily" in today's author pointed out that the Barcelona midfielder Iniesta will not leave the Nou Camp this summer, although there are many super teams to him out of a lot of money contract, but white or Decided to stay in Barcelona, he will at least play the Catalan giants to June 2018.
Iniesta's attendance at this season is not high, only 20 appearances in La Liga, although he can appear in multiple locations, but Enrique is also scruples for his use, because the white has been close to 33 years old, Physical function and state are not at the peak. But there is no doubt that Iniesta is still an important member of Barcelona, according to his state, nor in Barcelona no use.
Barcelona club high hopes Iniesta can be in the Nou Camp stadium, but he himself has not decided whether to renew. If the contract, Iniesta and the club may be signed a contract until 2020, and even if there is no renewal, Iniesta will not bid farewell to the Nou Camp this summer, according to his own current ideas, safe site to buy fifa coins Iniesta wants to play at least in the summer of 2018 in Barcelona.
For the Barcelona first team since the appearance of Iniesta set illustrious military exploits for the team played 626 times, into the 55 ball, his appearance is the second team history, second only to Harvey, won the championship Is the team history first, reached 29 times. Visible, Iniesta is the club's legendary figure.

Iniesta made a decision to stay in the team, in fact, also has a great sacrifice, buy cheap fifa coins review because there is a super team to his out of 35 million euros in salary, which he can not get in Barcelona, but Ines Tower has ignored such a offer, choose to continue to contribute to Barcelona, this veteran worthy of respect.
Of course, the future of Iniesta is likely to leave Barcelona, when his choice a lot, Super League team, the US Major League team and the Qatar team are likely to become his destination.